The first airbrush tanning salon in Iowa.

We are all about the healthy way to achieve a great glow! With a customized tan, you can achieve the glow in just minutes! Let our certified technicians give you a faux tan customized to your specific skin tone without damaging your skin. Say goodbye to wrinkles and enjoy a UV free way to glow without damaging your skin.

Get your tan on the healthy way!



Airbrushing is not only the healthiest way to get a flawless tan, but the most time efficient. Get a tan in minutes without laying out for hours, or jumping into a tanning bed multiple times a week! Not only do we use all natural Eco-certified organic solution, we aren’t a booth spraying you down. Get a customized airbrush tan from a certified technician. ALL STAFF AT YOUR TANNING BAR IS CERTIFIED IN AIRBRUSHING AND HAS DONE EXTENSIVE TRAINING. Booth spray tans are full of chemicals you are are putting on your skin not to mention streaking and uneven coloring is very common. Our certified technicians will help you get your desired glow!

Healthy. 100% Natural products, no chemicals. No Booths. No Streaks or uneven colors.


Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Some clients go nude, wear bra underwear, tank top and shorts, swim suit, whatever you desire. If the solution does get on any clothing it is water soluble and organic. This solution will not stain your clothes. Men are allowed to wear boxers or shorts, but must be covered.


Each tan is customized to your skin tone. We do not do “colors.” The certified technician will customize your coloring to your skin tone and your desired level. You can go as dark or as light as you prefer. Certain areas we do recommend going lighter on because that’s simply how you tan outside. (feet, hands, under arms) Certain areas look better darker, for example legs. With airbrushing we are able to customize the tan to you!


Before your appointment, EXFOLIATE your skin, simply rinsing off in the shower removing all lotion, makeup, deodorant, or beauty products. Shave and wax prior to appointment, preferably not right before, but 12-24 hours prior is recommended. Removing all dead skin cells from your body is key to making sure that tan adheres properly and produces an even fade.

After your appointment, wear dark loose fitting clothing immediately following. Wait at least 8 hours to shower with our Anti Aging and Straight Up Solutions. Do not exceed 24 hours without showering, the solution can overdevelop. With the Express solution, wait 2-6 hours after your appointment to shower. Do not exceed 6 hours without showering. The longer you wait the more your tan will darken. Wait 2-3 hours for a light tan, 3-4 hours for a medium glow, and 4-6 hours for a dark tan.

Refrain from using pools, hot tubs, saunas, or beauty/exfoliating treatments, as they make the tan fade quickly. Moisturize your skin daily with Natural Paraben free products that do not contain mineral oil or petroleum. We recommend our 100% natural Shea Butter sold in store. Using a quality moisturizer and body wash is key to keeping your tan longer ,not to mention better for your skin, but also produces an even fade. Stick away from Dove, Jergens, Bath & Body Works, or perfume based products. Over the counter, Bar soap is not recommended with the tan, as it leaves a film on the skin. Use our Glo Soap for best results!

Try our All Natural Tan Extender to keep your tan lasting up to 2 weeks.

Free touch ups are available up to three days after your appointment.


We recommend all brides to first come in for a trial session at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding. That way we can nail your desired color for your wedding day!

We recommend airbrushing 2-3 days prior to your wedding for the perfect tan!


The concern some doctors have is over whether or not the active ingredient (DHA) is able to enter the blood stream; the indications are that it cannot. DHA only penetrates the outermost layer of the skin. However, we recommend all clients get permission from their physician first. DHA has been used as a cosmetic ingredient in the United States since 1960 and no problems have ever been reported concerning DHA penetrating the skin. We differ from many self tanners on the marker or those who also offer spray tanning- We use an Eco-certified Organic DHA in all of our products.


Yes, we recommend sunscreen over the spray tan for best results, but you can still burn or tan with a spray tan on. The only thing that will help you not to burn is sunscreen. Supergoop sunscreen is sold in store. We recommend sport suncreen if going in pools to lock in moisturizer. Reapplication is key with any sunscreen. Practice Safe sun with SPF daily!

Fun Fact: A base tan from a tanning bed is comparable to an SPF 3 (Skin Caner Foundation) Using a tanning bed WILL NOT help you from burning. SPF 15 or higher will.

Use an SPF 15 or higher and re-apply every 2 hours to practice safe sun.

My tan didn’t last, I only got 5 days with my tan.

Did you exfoliate prior? Are you using products with mineral oil, petroleum, or bar soap? Also pat dry your skin after showering, avoid hot showers, and make sure your skin stays hydrated with our 100% All Natural Shea Butter. As certified technicians, we want you to get long lasting results. Just by drinking more water, you will notice your tan lasting longer. Stay away from products containing mineral oil and petroleum (these are cheap fillers companys put into their products, they dry your skin out and they also break the tan up, leaving you with alligator like skin) Look for paraben free on any product applied to your skin!

My face faded quickly.

This is very common that your face fades the quickest. Our natural oils plus washing our face everyday will cause the tan to come off the face quicker, along with hands, as we wash our hands frequently. Try our touch up Tahitian Tan Mist for your face and hands!

I am blotchy.

Typically this is a sure sign of mineral oil, petroleum, using loofahs, or not keeping your skin hydrated enough. The best way to achieve an even fade is drinking enough water and hydrating your skin, lotion everyday, not to mention a good lotion. Our certified technicians are always here to help in any way!

Will pools remove my tan?

Pools and hot tubs do remove the tan quicker. Harsh chemicals such as bleach and chlorine will dry your skin out, removing that tan quicker. If you are frequently in the pool or hot tub we recommend our Tan Extending Lotion. Our Tan Extender will help keep your tan up to 2 weeks.

Does the ocean remove my tan? Although salt water is drying to your skin, it wont fade your tan completely, we recommend quick dips and moisturizing well.

Every time I shower will my tan fade?

Your tan will fade naturally as any normal tan will. We recommend keeping hydrated, applying our 100% Natural Shea Butter for the most even fade and best results!

Can I be allergic to this?

Yes, although we use an Eco Certified organic formula there are certain things you can be allergic to. We recommend trying the spray on a small patch of skin before coming in if you have sensitive skin. Also see a list of ingredients.

What’s the difference between a self tanner and a spray tan?

A spray tan contains a higher dosage of DHA, providing a longer lasting tan, more even, and consistent results. We use all natural ingredients that are healthy for your skin. Many self tanners don’t use Eco Certified DHA, and consist of mostly chemicals. All technicians are certified at Your Tanning Bar and can help give you the best tan in town!

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