Pick your spray tan concoction!

Each tan is customized to your skin tone. Go as dark or as light as you prefer. Your certified technician will be happy to help you decide.


Solution Cockails

Straight Up | $42

Our classic organic spray tan.  Best for normal to oily skin types.  Lasts 7-10 days with proper care.


Top Shelf Concoctions

Top Shelf Anti-Aging Tini | $46

Our most popular concoction, our Anti Aging Formula helps with fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite areas.  Great for clients with normal to dry skin.  This concoction is the most hydrating for your skin.  Lasts 7-14 days with proper care.

Happy Hour Rapid | $52

Need a tan quick? Great for last minute plans or events.  Shower in 2-6 hours for an instant same day glow.  Lasts 5-10 days with proper care.


ADD ons


Set Finishing Powder

Our most popular add on. This setting powder sets the tan in place so you don’t need to worry about streaking, sweating, rubbing, getting off on clothing or bedding.
Put on normal clothing right after your session.  We highly recommend adding this to your glow!


Extend your spray tan with extra hydration and allow for a more even fade. Helps with eczema and dry skin.  Enjoy 2-3 days longer with your spray tan. Heading tropical? Add this to your Top Shelf Anti Aging Spray tan to hold up best in the sun, chlorine, bleach, and salt water.

Hyaluronic Acid

Intensely hydrates + plumps the skin + increases longevity of the tan.  Great alternative for acne prone or very dry skin.  Will also help your glow hold up in pool/hot tubs, salt water, or the sun!

Buy a Round & Make it a Package!

  • 3 tans for $105

  • 5 tans for $150

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